Center of Research Excellence in Renewable Energy and Power Systems

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Strategic Objectives
The main objectives of CREPS are:
  • Establish long-term research programs in the field of renewable energy and power systems.
  • Strengthen the quality of research by implementing research partnerships with leading international institutes and by hosting and cooperating with outstanding scientists and engineers.
  • Connect academic research to industry and enable more university/industry research exchange.
  • Enhance graduate and undergraduate education and recruit and retain students.
  • Provide the industry with technical analysis, solutions, new processes and innovative technologies that ensures smarter and economical generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy.
  • Expanded scope of interest to include public policy, economic and social concerns.
  • Raise the awareness of the impact of electrical energy sector on the environment and the importance of using clean, efficient, and sustainable energy as well as the conservation of natural resources among the different levels workforce, decision makers and community leadership.
  • Provide continuing education courses for technicians, engineers and researchers.

Furthermore, these objectives indirectly serve higher national goals such as supporting the national economy, sustained development, self-reliance and security. Furthermore, these strategic goals provide a basis for defining technology area selection criteria and program implementation objectives.

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